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  1. A

    VIC mother's will

    I am trying to persuade my 93 year old mother (who is perfectly competent) to make a new will. Her existing will leaves her estate to me and my sister in equal shares. My sister died a month ago, she was my only sibling. Apparently the will does not encompass the possibility that one of her...
  2. Curly1

    NSW Successful estranged sibling contesting will

    My sibling earns 300k pa and owns - with mortgage - a 2 million dollar home. He's divorced and his ex wife and him share custody. His ex wife earns 300k also. His child attends private school, and is enrolled in a 30k pa grammar school for highschool I'm married with three kids and a modest...
  3. C

    VIC Ex Wife Purchased $70K Car Post Separation, But Pre Property Settlement. How will that be Accounted for?

    We are separated, but living under the same roof while we work out a parenting plan (we have a toddler), property settlement, etc. She'll be moving out soon (to be with the colleague she's been having an affair with) and needs wheels. Yesterday she purchased a used SUV for $70K using funds from...
  4. A

    VIC High range .202 - I've made a huge mistake.

    Hi all, So I was pulled over 2 days ago and returned a reading of .202. Driving was a stupid decision and I can't stop thinking about what I've done. I'm worried about the penalties. I haven't been charged with any serious offenses for over 10 years, which is why I'm so disappointed in...
  5. P

    Executors duties in Australia when next of kin in UK

    Hi, We have a relative (originally a British Citizen) who moved to Australia approximately 20 years ago and lived until recently in Queensland. I believe that he became an Australian citizen. He lived with a partner for many years but they split up approximately 2 years ago. She is an...
  6. J

    VIC not attending court due to leaving Oz

    I have been awarded a new job in Qubec Canada. It will be a chance of a new life and new start. I am currently in the process of a divorce and already have a CSA payment schedule. There are consent orders already made for the children so that is not an issue. My questions are 1. What will happen...
  7. L

    QLD How difficult is it to be dual executors of a will?

    Hi there! This is my first post here so sorry if I don't provide enough information. My mother has just gone into the Public Trustee to create a will for herself with myself (her son) and my brother as 50/50 split beneficiaries for all assets in her estate. As she is getting older she has given...
  8. 7

    VIC Will Unfair to Siblings - What to Do?

    Hi all, So my mum passed away recently and she has 7 children in total. 1 child has been left as executor of will and has been left 1/7 of the estate. The remaining 6/7 of the estate is to be divided equally between 14 grandchildren (to be accessed only when they are 21). 9 of the grandkids...
  9. J

    VIC Rights to a property

    Partners father died and left all worldly goods to her and her sister in a will. Including a property. The will specifically states that the mother is to have no rights to anything. Mother and father have long been separated (around 12 years) mother lives with her current partner and left the...
  10. C

    WA Executor not giving information about deceased’s firearms

    It has been six months since my father in law passed and we have requested information from the administrator of his estate (no probate on estate and she did not apply for probate even though she said she did we had to apply to the courts to find out) for either a letter or information on...