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  1. L

    QLD How difficult is it to be dual executors of a will?

    Hi there! This is my first post here so sorry if I don't provide enough information. My mother has just gone into the Public Trustee to create a will for herself with myself (her son) and my brother as 50/50 split beneficiaries for all assets in her estate. As she is getting older she has given...
  2. 7

    VIC Will Unfair to Siblings - What to Do?

    Hi all, So my mum passed away recently and she has 7 children in total. 1 child has been left as executor of will and has been left 1/7 of the estate. The remaining 6/7 of the estate is to be divided equally between 14 grandchildren (to be accessed only when they are 21). 9 of the grandkids...
  3. J

    VIC Rights to a property

    Partners father died and left all worldly goods to her and her sister in a will. Including a property. The will specifically states that the mother is to have no rights to anything. Mother and father have long been separated (around 12 years) mother lives with her current partner and left the...
  4. C

    WA Executor not giving information about deceased’s firearms

    It has been six months since my father in law passed and we have requested information from the administrator of his estate (no probate on estate and she did not apply for probate even though she said she did we had to apply to the courts to find out) for either a letter or information on...
  5. N

    NSW Executor's responsibilities towards property

    I need some opinion/advice, please. There are 4 executors (all siblings) to the will of our late mother. We are also the beneficiaries. The will states that all assets are to be divided equally in value to the 4 beneficiaries. The issue we have is that one of the executors/beneficiaries...
  6. S

    QLD Will question with Dementai involved

    Hi, I'm asking for a friend, my friend's husband made a will 2014 which left everything to his wife. Six months prior (June 2019) to his death (death was Jan 2020) he changed the will without the wife's (carer) knowledge. He has stated in the current will that the martial home of over 20...
  7. M

    NSW I did not attend Liverpool Local Court today, will there be a warrant out for my arrest?

    Hey, quick question! I had my first court listing today at Liverpool Local court for 2 Driving matters. 1. FAIL TO STOP 2.DRIVING RECKLESSLY.... I did not attend court today as I have been ill and was unable too. But I did go to the doctors this afternoon around 3:30-4pm. They provided me a...
  8. BWeekes

    Can uncle take house of grandchild after grandparent guardians death

    Hello. This is a question regarding estate and wills in Tasmania. My partner and her younger brother, who is a minor, were raised by her grandmother. She moved out three years ago to care for her unwell mother, who passed away shortly afterwards. Her brother still lives with her grandmother...
  9. R

    QLD Uncertain if I will require a Secondhand Dealer Licence

    Hello all I've started a hobby buying video games on places like GumTree and Facebook Marketplace to resell at a profit on places like eBay. I am looking at the possibility of scaling this up and registering it as a business. However I am wondering if this would mean having to get a second...
  10. G

    NSW Getting copy of Uncles Will

    Hello My Uncle died he had no children and his ex wife has passed. His only living family is a brother and nieces and nephews. I am his nephew and cared for him as he died. He expressed to me as he died that he wished that all money was to be equally shared between seven grand nieces & nephews...