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    VIC Fraud crimes in Victoria

    Is there a time limit for acting on a fraud crime?
  2. G

    VIC Will Trustee and Executor

    Hello, I am the trustee and executor of my recently departed father. We have a small property (Demountable Home in a Home Park) to dispose of. I have an estate bank account for the will purpose. Upon sale (In the state of Victoria under $107,000.00 - no probate required) does the proceeds...
  3. T

    VIC Casual employees in Victoria Public Service

    I have a question to any aspiring Industrial lawyer. Casual employees prior to the introduction of the Federal Award on 31/03/2000 ( Public Service (Non Executive Staff-Victoria )(Section 170MX ) Award 2000 ) were employed in the VPS under the Public Sector Management Act and were paid a rate of...
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    VIC Numerous signatures, not mine

    Hello, I have had my signature forged on numerous occasions, on numerous documents which are Vendor Statements and Sales Authorities. I signed one Sales Authority and I did not sign any Vendor Statements. I have previously requested the Sales Authority form as I was not provided with this when I...
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    VIC Regulations and guidelines

    FROM RECULATIONS: Schedule 8 clause 5 of the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 A senior secondary education provider must have: a. qualified and competent staff to teach and assess the course; and b. suitable teaching resources and physical facilities to provide the course...
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    Is it usual for the Executor/family solicitor (who is not a beneficiary), to have their name put on the land title of the family home. This is with another executer who is a beneficiary. What would be the reason? If the Executor/beneficiary died while the executor/solicitor (who is not a...
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    VIC LAND TAX question - Victoria

    Hi, My land tax bill just increased from $13,000 last year to $24,000 this year! That is not my issue. Land tax is based on the land value of the property. The State Revenue Office assess your land value as at the 31st December 2018. They use the council valuations that are provided to them...
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    VIC Does Victoria have a "Shopkeepers Privilege" Law

    Most states in the USA have a law called shopkeepers privilege allowing staff the legal right for things like asking for your receipt when you exit, searching bags, and even kidnapping you from the car park until police arrive. I'm sure Australia has similar laws.
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    VIC Can a will be varied by mutual agreement when the executors are also the sole beneficiaries?

    My mother has gifted a significant amount of money from the sale of her property, equally to myself and my two sisters. My two sisters have taken up their gifts but I have opted to leave my portion in my mothers account as it would significantly impact the age pension. If I had not taken up my...
  10. K

    VIC Is the possession Of Lock Picks Illegal in Victoria?

    I am interested in buying lock picks and using them on practice locks but was wondering if the possession of lock picks is illegal in victoria? I've looked everywhere and found nothing. It's different for each state so I was hoping someone would be able to help!