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    Sub-letting / sub-tenancy

    Hi there, with permission from the landlord I am looking to sublet a room in my apartment but I want to make sure I do this properly and legally (I already have permission to sub-let). What agreement / contract do I have to provide to a subtenant? What must it include? I want a sublet...
  2. E

    VIC subletting.. needing advice

    So my mother and i moved in with a lady we knew and i didn't realise she was subletting us with the lease... i had never rented before so i had no clue i also just had my first child 3 weeks before i moved in so i was going in on good faith... we lived with her for 13-14 months then moved out...
  3. P

    NSW Rental Bond Disputes in NCAT and Future records

    I am having a dispute with the property agent with respect to the bond payout. The agent wants to go to the (NCAT) Tribunal to dispute the claim. The agent does not want to release the full bond and want some part of the bond. Now, if the agent goes the tribunal, there are two possible...
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    NSW Tenants Rights for Sublease in NSW?

    I am currently sub-leasing a space I moved in and didn't pay a bond and pay my rent weekly. The rent was increased in April and I was not given enough notice. So the person I shared with wishes to terminate the agreement which is meant to run until 2017. I have been given to the end of June to...
  5. Raymond

    NSW Property Law - Building Company Erecting Scaffolding on My Property?

    Can a remedial building company erect scaffolding on my private parking space in my block of units without my consent under Property Law?
  6. A

    VIC Tenants Rights - Am I a Co-tenant Without Signing a Lease?

    Hi all, When do I legally become a tenant, sub-tenant or co-tenant? What are my tenants rights / responsibilities? I think I am in a grey area here. Background of the situation: * I found a room for rent in a 2 bed apt. on Gumtree in Oct 2014. * I decided to rent it following the current...
  7. H

    VIC Property Law - What are Our Tenants Rights?

    Hi guys, we are staying in a serviced apartment (the only 3 bedroom in the building) on a day rate, however we pay monthly. We have no contract but when we moved in, we told the manager of the building that we would be staying a minimum of 6 months but that it could be longer as we are doing a...
  8. L

    WA Can Tenant Claim Compensation For Improvements?

    Hi, I have a question that I'm hoping someone can assist me with...My mother had a long term tenant as a boarder with her (in her house). She charged him $100pw under a written lease agreement. The tenant constructed a large colourbond shed, and later added an extension to it. He also...
  9. N

    NSW Solicitor and Agent Usurping Respondent's Tenants Rights

    Is it lawful for a solicitor based in Queensland to instruct an agent in NSW to act in a way so as to usurp the tenants rights of a respondent in a tenancy tribunal hearing, i.e. to show no leniency, to ensure he has no representation and that his bond be withheld? (this document was entered as...
  10. E

    NSW Real Estate Agents Scheduling Unreasonable Open Houses?

    My landlord decided to sell the house, I am in 1 year fixed term lease, with 2 months left on the lease. The real estate agents scheduled 10 open houses for a month. I asked for 2 times only but the real estate agents disagree. I asked to finished the lease one month early, but the landlord...