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  1. F

    QLD Community Housing and Tenants Rights - Personal Injury Claim?

    I am vision impaired and living in Community Housing - building owned by Housing &Public works, but leased to Inner Northern Community Housing Association Inc as the property managers. The building is four years old & I am the original & only tenant (including a 16 year old child). Since...
  2. T

    NSW Moved into Shared Accommodation - Tenants Rights?

    Monday I signed a contract for a one year lease to a share accommodation in a terrace. The owner is renovating the property still so I was one of the new person to first move in to this Share Accommodation he is leasing through a real estate agent. As the lease was with furniture I requested...
  3. E

    NSW End of a Commercial Lease - Fixtures and Fittings

    Hi, Our office suite has just been sold by the current landlord. Our commercial lease on our office comes to an end in January 2015 and we are looking to relocate as the offices are now too big for our purposes. We have been in the same office suite for the past 8 years, and originally paid to...
  4. procrastinasian

    QLD End of Lease - Landlord Excessively Charging for Random Things

    Hi, I am a student renting off campus near Bond University. I changed units to another one in the same complex and I was recently given a bill for exiting a unit. There were 5 of us living in the house when we all moved out (end of lease) and I am being charged the following: $50 for a...
  5. M

    QLD Real Estate Agents Claiming Bond Before Tenants Exit

    Hi. Our real estate agents have been a nightmare, we were issued a general notice to leave due to being outside of our lease. New real estate agents took over the complex and evicted everyone they could (19 in total). They have breached us for arrears that do not exist - the ledger is incorrect...
  6. P

    WA Property Inspections - Tenants Rights?

    I am curious about the practices and procedures concerning the rights that an owner has to access a property. In the case at hand, we are talking about the State Government (WA). One frequently receives a notice headed 'Property Inspection' There are two fundamental points that concern me about...
  7. E

    VIC Landlord Refusing to Return Bond - Tenants Rights?

    My partner and I vacated a house 3 weeks ago. We were given a list of things to repair and clean, these things were done and now the landlord has added to this and won't refund our bond. Under property law, can they legally keep adding things?
  8. J

    NSW Vacant Possession and Notice to Tenants

    Hi All, I purchased a property recently at an auction. There are tenants living in the current property but the contract was for vacant possession. 1.5 weeks after the purchase, the real estate agents (who also manage the rental property) offers his services. I said I was open to hear his fees...
  9. D

    TAS Tenants Rights - Replace Damaged Carpet?

    We have recently moved out of a rental property. Unfortunately, in the last week we stained the lounge room carpet with cordial. We understand that it is our responsibility to get it fixed, and the rental manager is not willing to get a patch job, which is about $150-$200, and is wanting to...
  10. D

    NSW Tenants In Common - Bill Dispute?

    We are in a situation where we share a property with an ex friend. She pays all the bills and refuses to provide us with the details of our share despite numerous polite requests to do so. How can we force her to give us this information as we do not want a massive bill presented to us when she...