VIC subletting.. needing advice

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12 May 2018
So my mother and i moved in with a lady we knew
and i didn't realise she was subletting us with the lease... i had never rented before so i had no clue i also just had my first child 3 weeks before i moved in so i was going in on good faith...
we lived with her for 13-14 months then moved out due to not being healthy for me or my child living there
now she is harrasing and sending letters to my nans place demanding we owe her money where do i stand in all of this me and my mother were both separately paying her $800 a month and bills on top when they came in which i have proof on my bank statements
and we both paid her a $700 bond... where do i stand she sent us a letter admiting to subletting and signed it..... What do i do about this? what are my rights?
And i never ever signed any agreement or terms and conditions of living there...