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  1. A

    VIC Same Job for 15 Years - No Annual Leave or Sick Leave Entitlements?

    I was sent by a recruitment agency for a 6-week placement. I have been at the same organisation doing the same job full time for 15 years and only paid by the recruitment agency. Never been paid annual leave, public holidays or sick leave. By definition under Employment Law, I should have been...
  2. Y

    QLD Termination from Employment After Sick Leave

    Hi, I was terminated from full-time employment two days short of my full probation period - started on 11 may - terminate immediately on 6 November. I was away on sick leave from the period of 6 October to 6 November for workplace bullying.
  3. C

    QLD Friend Listed as Abandoning Employment While on Sick Leave - Unfair Dismissal?

    I have a friend diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. She was a full-time manager for a well know electrical goods store. She got too sick to work and the company, not wanting to be flexible, put her to part time, then transferred her out of the store. She was then again diagnosed in 2012 and...
  4. mitzy1

    WA Workers Compensation - Legal to Refuse Me My Wages?

    Hi there, I have been injured at work. Slipped disc and compressed nerve. The hospital I work for make you use up all your sick leave & annual leave, which has now run out. Are they legally allowed to force me back to work by refusing to pay me any wages while they take forever to sort my...
  5. M

    Divorce - Long Service, Annual and Sick Leave?

    I always assumed only Superannuation was relevant in Divorce proceedings. What role does Long Service Leave, Sick Leave and Annual Leave have in regard to a Divorce when they are only amounts that may or may not happen in the future. Could this be just a scare tactic from the Ex's Solicitor?
  6. S

    VIC Asked to Have Fitness for Duty Assessment by My Employer

    4 years ago, I injured my right knee in a workplace accident. After several surgeries and physio I was advised by my orthopedic surgeon that my right knee would need a total knee replacement but due to my age (early fifties). It was advisable to put off the surgery until I was older. Pain...
  7. K

    QLD Can a Potential Employer Ask Certain Reference Checking Questions?

    Is a potential employer allowed under employment law to ask a referee (provided by the candidate) the question of whether there was an issue with unexplained absences or regular sick leave taken during their employ?
  8. C

    WA Coles Sick and Annual Leave Entitlements for Pre-arranged Sick Leave

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone who understands the law and the sick leave entitlements in Coles can help answer my question? I have a pre-arranged appointment with specialists and surgeons who only conduct consultations on certain days of the week. Unfortunately, these days do not coincide with...
  9. E

    QLD Employment Law - Unfair Dismissal?

    HI all I am seeking help regarding to unfair dismissal Here is the instance: I work in a small business company for a month, and last week I have been so sick which I have told the employer to get three days sick leave (with medical certificate). But today, i found out that i have been fired...
  10. T

    WA Irate Client Abuses and Threatens Staff and Records Meeting

    I recently had an issue in my office which turned quite nasty, a client was seeking cancellation of an insurance policy having received incorrect information from another adviser, the policy was duly cancelled and short termed, the client demanded their return premium and on several occasions...