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  1. S

    VIC When Can Employer Request Medical Certificate?

    Hi There, How long (legally) after taking sick leave can an employer request a medical certificate?
  2. J

    NSW Sick Leave - Can Employer Force Me to Sign Consent Form?

    Hi. I am currently taking an extended sick leave (5-6 weeks) for a medical condition. I have provided my employer with a medical certificate. I have also emailed them (I.e. HR, not my supervisor) a detailed explanation of my situation at the commencement of my leave. They are now requesting...
  3. M

    VIC Sick Leave and Medical Certificate - What to Do?

    We have an employee who requested 1-day sick leave after having a mole removed from their face. We are a building company and did not have any work that week so we requested that the employee take the rest of the week off from accumulated RDO's after the sick day (3 x RDO's). The following...
  4. J

    VIC Left Work Early Due to Illness - Affect Sick Leave Balance?

    When you have gone to work and then at some stage you leave as you are ill, my understanding was that this does not come off your sick leave balance. Is this correct?
  5. M

    ACT Sick Leave Balance on Payslip?

    On my payslip, it shows a balance for annual leave. Should it also show a balance for sick leave? It appears to be some big secret. How do I know if I am sick, if I have sick leave to cover it?
  6. W

    NSW Employment Law - Questions on Sick Leave, Wages and Dismissal

    Ok, this is a doosie ... I will try to make concise questions as possible and I would tremendously appreciate some feedback :) Overview. Employed less than 12 months and suffered a major physical cerebral event after 4 months into the job. It left me a bit incapacitated for a while and I...
  7. Gocarrie

    Worked at Same Place for Years - Entitled to Sick Leave?

    I have worked at the same place of employment for 9.5 years. I am expected to open the shop the same hours each week. The shop is only open twice a week for 5 hours each day and this is only during school terms. I don't get paid sick leave or holiday pay. I do get paid when I work extra hours...
  8. L

    NSW Employee on Negative Balance - Legal Not to Pay Sick Leave?

    One of our employees is on negative balance on sick leave of 9 days. It takes nearly one year to recover. Would it be legal under Employment Law to not pay her sick leave until the balance comes to at least 0, or off set against the holiday leave.
  9. S

    NSW Employment Law - When Does a Casual Become a Permanent Employee?

    I have been working (delivery driver) at the same company for 13 years as a casual. I work 5 days a week, start at the same time and finish at the same time every day ( 5 hours a day 25 hour a week since 2002). I don't get sick leave and holiday leave. I only got long service leave after 10...
  10. D

    NSW Suspended from Work After Sick Leave

    I am under an enterprise agreement and have been suspended for serious misconduct. I have been there 12 years and if this can be proven, I could lose my long service leave. The other thing is, I had been diagnosed with work related acute depression and anxiety before all this happened, and had...