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    WA Breach of Privacy Act - Redundancy?

    Hi there, I have been employed for 7 years at a goldmine and last year changed employers. One of the management team - a friend I socialise with told the new hr lady about my genetic disease. I was told countless times that if I didn’t go to the company appointed doctor that I would lose my...
  2. N

    NSW Not entitled to redundancy upon return from sabbatical?

    I have been with my company for 11 years and so I have requested 12 months off from work as a gap/sabbatical year which was approved by management. 3 months is covered by annual/long service leave. The remaining 9 months would be taken as Leave Without Pay. During my time off, I am not permitted...
  3. G

    QLD Monies owed for moving costs

    TLDR (but please do): moved interstate for a job on my own dime, but with an agreement in writing that I would be reimbursed for a percentage thereof pestered employer for payment the entire time I was employed with them employer only made a single, token payment was made redundant just before...
  4. C

    QLD Employer Possibly Trying to Force Resignation - My Employee Rights?

    So recently I made a small error. It resulted in a conversation with the boss saying be more careful, etc. I know what I did and accept it. However, within a week or so another related problem that I'm being blamed for yet I don't recall having done what was said, this resulted in a more...
  5. K

    NSW 482 Visa - Question About Relocation Package?

    Hi I came to AU with a company help (visa 482). The company provided the relocation package for me and my family (it is mentioned in the contract). I don't like to work for this company and would like to live AU in the near future and I would like not to give the relocation package back. Could...
  6. J

    QLD Submission of Voice Recording to Fair Work as evidence

    Hi There. I am wondering if anyone has any advice surrounding the possible submission of recorded conversations with employee / employer as proof of facts. The employer has already started to back track and cover their short comings in regards to lack of process in redundancy consultations...
  7. M

    QLD Redundancy - Is This Reasonable?

    I was made redundant last week with no prior warning or discussion (accountant). He said he was having a business restructure (news to all of us!) and my job was no longer required and that my work would be redistributed to other employees. He has hired 2 new accountants to start in the new...
  8. J

    VIC Employee Decision on Novation of Contract?

    Firstly, want to thank all on this forum because your ideas and suggestions helped a lot! My company is a multinational big company and I have been working for its Australian entity as a standard permanent staff from 2015. Earlier this year, the company decided to sell our business line...
  9. M

    Enquiry about 'genuine redundancy'

    Dear friends, thank you for this website, and an opportunity to seek wider information. I realise that I am probably in a good position but I still feel hurt and would appreciate your advice. Two years ago I was seconded to a role in another Department in my organisation which has now been...
  10. C

    QLD Redundancy and long service leave owing at redundancy

    Hi, I am self representing in family court - together very long time. Property split will be based solely on financial resources. The trial judge required me to submit case law, if any precidents and any legislation that shows my ex is entitled (my ex said they are not going to get any)...