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In engineering, redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, usually in the form of a backup or fail-safe, or to improve actual system performance, such as in the case of GNSS receivers, or multi-threaded computer processing.
In many safety-critical systems, such as fly-by-wire and hydraulic systems in aircraft, some parts of the control system may be triplicated, which is formally termed triple modular redundancy (TMR). An error in one component may then be out-voted by the other two. In a triply redundant system, the system has three sub components, all three of which must fail before the system fails. Since each one rarely fails, and the sub components are expected to fail independently, the probability of all three failing is calculated to be extraordinarily small; often outweighed by other risk factors, such as human error. Redundancy may also be known by the terms "majority voting systems" or "voting logic".

Redundancy sometimes produces less, instead of greater reliability – it creates a more complex system which is prone to various issues, it may lead to human neglect of duty, and may lead to higher production demands which by overstressing the system may make it less safe.

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    QLD Submission of Voice Recording to Fair Work as evidence

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    VIC Employee Decision on Novation of Contract?

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    Enquiry about 'genuine redundancy'

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    QLD Redundancy and long service leave owing at redundancy

    Hi, I am self representing in family court - together very long time. Property split will be based solely on financial resources. The trial judge required me to submit case law, if any precidents and any legislation that shows my ex is entitled (my ex said they are not going to get any)...
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    NSW Redundancy - when transferred to an overseas company?

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    QLD Redundancy & Associated Entities

    Hi, I have been made recently redundant and only paid two weeks noticed with an additional 4 days. My question is two fold. Firstly "Company A" the umbrella company has not paid a redundancy due to having only 5 staff so I think have classified themselves as a small business with <15 staff...
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    WA Redundancy with Extended Notice Periods?

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    QLD Employers moving business - entitlements

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    NSW Demotion - Redundancy Entitlement?

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