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    NSW Redundancy - when transferred to an overseas company?

    I work for an Australian subsiduary of a PNG company. I have a wholly AUS contract and reside in AUS but travel to PNG monthly. They are looking to liquidate the AUS company who I work for and then offer us a PNG contract with the same position. The net salary would be the same less...
  2. A

    QLD Redundancy & Associated Entities

    Hi, I have been made recently redundant and only paid two weeks noticed with an additional 4 days. My question is two fold. Firstly "Company A" the umbrella company has not paid a redundancy due to having only 5 staff so I think have classified themselves as a small business with <15 staff...
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    WA Redundancy with Extended Notice Periods?

    Hi, I have been notified that my position will be made redundant in early 2019 (8-9 months notice). I am currently in HR completing transactional tasks and will be asked to transfer to working on projects to implement systems that will in essence complete those transactional tasks. In effect...
  4. C

    QLD Employers moving business - entitlements

    Hi I am just chasing some basic info please: Details: company moving interstate I have worked continuously since 2008 in full time upper management roles and the most senior roles the last 18 mths I am unable to move interstate, fifo is not an option and neither is working externally from qld...
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    NSW Demotion - Redundancy Entitlement?

    I am a department head for a company that has just been purchased. I have been offered a role with similar responsibilities, however I would be responsible for a region, rather than national as I was previously, as they have someone in that position already. I have been offered a payrise to keep...
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    VIC From Full-time Permanent Employment Contract to Fixed Term - Redundancy?

    Hi All, I am hoping for some guidance. I am currently employed under a full-time permanent contract and due to a recent acquisition of my employer being bought out, I have now been given a fixed term contract (with an end date). Given the new fixed term employment contract is not matching the...
  7. Z

    VIC Redundancy and Deed of Release

    Having been made redundant and receiving an estimated calculation of the total package (no consultation or written advice other than calculations), the entitlements are above the NES. The company has had an established redundancy provision which was previously 4 weeks for every year of service...
  8. P

    NSW Can I Demand Redundancy?

    Hi all, I have a question about work probation period. I have been contracting since March 2017 with my current employer. Not long after I started I was informed that my role (even though they changed the title and job description somewhat) would be converted to a permanent role and that I...
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    QLD Redundancy - Ex-employer Calling and Accessing Dropbox?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance. I was a Full-Time permanent employee, had been with my former company for 2+ years. On Friday 24/11/17, I was told my role was redundant, effective immediately. This was a complete shock to me, there had been no issues raised about my...
  10. L

    NSW Company is Restructuring - Is There a Case for Redundancy?

    I am in a situation where the company I work for is re-structuring. The direct reports I currently have will be cut by at least half and re-directed to report elsewhere. My job title is flagged to be changed. I have not been terminated and no discussion of a pay cut. There are no previous...