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    WA Employment Law - Unpaid Invoice to Overseas Freelancer?

    Hi there, I am a freelancer from Turkey. I have worked for a Perth-based engineering company on a project. We haven't signed an official employment contract. However, I have many emails to prove that he owes me and he hasn't objected his owing. When I ask for my unpaid invoice, he says that he...
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    QLD Australian Consumer Law - Do I Have to Take Goods Back?

    Hi All. :) Long story short: I sold some goods privately through Facebook. The person agreed on the price, etc and a payment plan was agreed upon as it was a large sum of money (yes I know huge mistake!). Goods were picked up and the person was happy, paying over the initial payment of $4000...
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    NSW Lawyer for a Paternity Case

    Hey, So I have this situation where I didn't put the father on my son's birth certificate. My son is 7 months now and since my ex and I separated, he has gotten a lawyer and sent me a letter of demand to see X. I don't want him having anything to do with X for multiple reasons and I'm...
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    QLD Which State to File Debt Dispute?

    Hi, I am not sure if it's OK to ask several questions... We are suing another company for the outstanding invoices (around $30000) they owed. A letter of demand was sent to them, their national manager confirmed all outstanding accounts would be paid but so far they have done nothing but using...
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    NSW Who to Send Letter of Demand to?

    On the 17th of March, I was involved in an accident that resulted in my current injuries, For reference, a parked car pulled out in front of my motorcycle without indicating and I was unable to stop in time thus the car accident occurred. I was injured and taken to hospital, however I was quite...
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    VIC Magistrates Court - Ex Suing for Money Gifted to Me?

    Hey, I just have a question - long story trying to make it short as possible. When I met my ex, who is a CEO, I was a Dancer. Within two weeks of meeting him, he asked me to quit my job (September 20th) and said he would support me - because a 'CEO could not be seen with a dancer'. He also...
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    Debt - Need for Proof that Letter of Demand was Sent?

    Hello, My mother is being chased by debt collectors. She doesn't dispute the debt and she made an offer for a repayment plan. This was rejected and a letter was apparently sent by this company saying that if she does not counter offer within a certain period of time, they would commence...
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    NSW Involved in Reverse Parallel Parking Car Accident - What to Do?

    Hi! I was recently involved in a minor car accident while trying to perform a reverse parallel park in a tight backsteet. I was completely parallel (the space in front of my car was a driveway) to the kerb and in the process of reversing my car. All of a sudden, I heard a horn beep and before I...
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    NSW Issued a Faulty Complying Development Certificate - What to Do?

    I am an owner builder doing a granny flat development. I had a Complying Development Certificate issued by a private certifier. After my services were in place and excavations were complete, I booked a inspection certifier and I passed first inspection. Few days later, he informed me he made a...
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    QLD Fraud - How to Pursue Action Against Buyer?

    Hello I am in Qld and I sold an item on eBay to a buyer in WA. I am just a private seller, not a business. Details not important for my question, but she has committed fraud, and eBay allowed her to keep the item ad took the money from my account to refund her. I have huge amounts of proof. I...