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  1. K

    VIC Property Settlement - When is it Unreasonable to Wait for Disclosure?

    I separated from my husband in July. A few weeks later, I received a letter of demand for financial disclosure. I complied and provided financial records for 3 years as requested. They haven't reciprocated, even after a threat to take them to court if they didn't. Instead, they then requested...
  2. S

    NSW Letter of Demand from Insurance Company - Pay for Damages?

    Hi, I'm a bit confused in regards to the following matter: I have just received a letter of demand from an insurance company in regards to damage I caused to a police vehicle. I appeared in court this year and stood before a judge and explain to her that I was drunk at the time and I have...
  3. S

    QLD Ex Ignored Letter of Demand - What to Do?

    I separated from my husband and I'm chasing money that I'm owed. I gave my husband a letter of demand with a reply date face-to-face, which he never replied to. What do I do?
  4. Frances Singh

    NSW Accident Due to Negligence Causing Grievous Injuries - What to Do?

    My husband was knocked off his scooter while waiting at an intersection to turn right by a vehicle cutting across into the road space he held, and as a result, he suffered serious lower leg injuries due to this other persons negligence. As a result, when the police arrived on the scene they...
  5. J

    WA Letter of Demand - WIll Insurance Company Negotiate Settlement Costs?

    I was involved in a car accident, where I was at fault, and I was driving a vehicle that had no car insurance. The other people had car insurance and have since been paid out due to their car being deemed a "Statutory write-off". We've received a letter of demand from the insurance company for...
  6. S

    WA Going to District Court - Send Another Letter of Demand?

    I lent money to a friend in a series of instalments. I did not request loan documents as his ship was aways coming in the next day. Over the course of the last 18 months, I have two loan documents. The first was produced by him which acknowledged the initial loan amounts about 16 months ago...
  7. T

    QLD Is Car Loan Considered as Secure Loan?

    Hi Forum. I have a car loan that I am default on. I received a letter from the Finance company dated 5/4/16 Default Notice. I immediately rang them explaining I have a block of land for sale and will finalise the amount owing immediately. Theale fell through and I rang the finance company...
  8. D

    NSW Received Letter of Demand for Ex's Car Repairs - Am I Liable?

    Hi there, My husband and I separated in July 2015. Since then he has had extensive repair work on this car. The mechanic who I used to use has now sent me a letter of demand. My question: am I liable? The car is not in my name nor did I instruct the mechanic to do the repairs. My guess is...
  9. T

    NT Builder Went into Liquidation - Letter of Demand from Accountant Firm?

    In Dec 14, our builder went into liquidation and liquidators were appointed. This meant they had a breach of contract and we could contract a new builder to complete our building, which we did. We had paid to the previous builder all progress claims that were due. In June 2015, our building was...
  10. N

    NSW Back Out of Private Car Sale - Letter of Demand from Customer?

    I am in NSW and recently advertised my car for sale on car sales. I had many interstate people and nothing until last Sunday, I had a guy coming up from Sydney to view the car. I hadn't heard anything from him and was waiting. Now I'm not sure he would turn up. Whilst waiting, I received a...