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    NSW Retail lease Dispute

    Dear Valuable solicitors, I am in a dire position at the moment and need your advise. I have taken a lease in August 2019 for a shop in Sydney. There is no real estate agent involved and direct owner has leased it. The owner had sent his representative to show me the shop and based on this, I...
  2. V

    QLD Commercial Lease and sale of property

    Hi there, Im just seeking some information, please? I have a commercial lease with 8 months to go with an option of 2 yrs. My intention when I started this business was to build it up to on-sell, which I m currently in the process of doing.(prospective buyer wants a 5 plus 5 plus 5, which...
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    QLD Theft from Locked Room in Share House - What to Do?

    Items are going missing from my locked room in a share house (the door is locked whenever I am not in the room-bathroom/shower/not home - always). The value well exceeds $4000. My wallet, money and clothing routinely go missing. The last time my wallet went from my work bag it was gone for a...
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    VIC Retail Lease, any caps on outgoing increases?

    Can anyone let me know what the caps are on increases to outgoings for a commercial lease for a retail property in Vic? Landlord has increase an outgoing by 100% and whilst they did put this in the schedule 1 disclaimer, seems the increase is unfair. I've read the Retail Leases act 2003, and...
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    Assignment of Commercial Retail Lease

    We are currently in the final days of purchasing a business from family who have owned it for 20years it was previously owned for 15years. The retail business will Not change In any way. our family have operated this retail business from this Particular premises for the past 9 years , the last 2...
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    QLD Continuing a commercial lease- Legal Costs

    Hi, I am relatively new to commercial leases but am just about to renew a lease for an office space (have been here three years). Our landlord's solicitor is saying that a continuation without changes will cost around $2000 and I am wanting to check if this is fairly standard as it seems a lot...
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    VIC Part of rented property not included

    My husband and just signed a lease for a rental property, during the initial inspection we asked about the workshop out the back and were told that it would be included in the lease however they had to get a locksmith out as they had no key for it at that time. Then when I went to sign the lease...
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    NSW Consequences of assigning or transferring lease

    Regarding a property (small block of units) headleased to the state government who then sub-lease out as social housing, the gov't have asked for new conditions in the headlease where they "can assign or transfer this lease without consent to any social housing provider as defined in section 136...
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    NSW Ex Driving Car That is Under My Name?

    Hi, I split with my ex-partner and she is driving a car I brought, which I allowed her to drive while we were together. She was making repayments on the car while together but once we broke up, she stopped so I had to keep paying it. The car is registered in my name and the car finance is in...
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    VIC Lease break fees VIC

    Hi, I have found myself in the situation that I have had to break a fixed term lease. My lease agreement states: "Pay to the managing agent a pro rata leasing fee, plus all advertising incurred." On the Notice to vacate form I signed it states: "make the request on the basis that we will be...