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A lease is a contractual arrangement calling for the lessee (user) to pay the lessor (owner) for use of an asset. Property, buildings and vehicles are common assets that are leased. Industrial or business equipment is also leased.
Broadly put, a lease agreement is a contract between two parties, the lessor and the lessee. The lessor is the legal owner of the asset, while the lessee obtains the right to use the asset in return for regular rental payments. The lessee also agrees to abide by various conditions regarding their use of the property or equipment. For example, a person leasing a car may agree to the condition that the car will only be used for personal use.
The term rental agreement can refer to two kinds of leases. First is a lease in which the asset is tangible property. Here, the user rents the asset (e.g. land or goods) let out or rented out by the owner. (The verb to lease is less precise because it can refer to either of these actions.) Examples of a lease for intangible property include use of a computer program (similar to a license, but with different provisions), or use of a radio frequency (such as a contract with a cell-phone provider).
Rental agreement can also refer to a periodic lease agreement (most often a month-to-month lease) internationally and in some regions of the United States.

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  1. F

    Share house - eviction of tenant - no lease agreement

    Hello legal-minded people, I own a large house that has 4 tenants with valid lease agreements. I am in Victoria. There was a spare bedroom and a request was made from a friend (no longer my friend) that I allow his downtrodden mate to make use of the room. Unfortunately, this tenant is an...
  2. J

    Unsigned lease

    Hi all, I have tenant currently in a granny flat on my property. We offered her a new fixed lease, which she didn't return for a couple of weeks. She has returned today but unfortunately our circumstances have changed and we would like to terminate the lease (with due 2 months notice). As we...
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    NSW Business broker/seller refusing to allow buyers to organise a lease of business premises

    Hi there, We are in the middle of due diligence (DD) for the purchase of an exiting business. The sellers agent has been very difficult (in numerous aspects - extremely unethical practices) and refused to include a DD clause in the contract, so we have had to outlay considerable funds for...
  4. I

    WA Probate asset classification Lease for Life

    I am going throught he joys of trying to do probate myself an have pretty much everything sorted. However I cannot find any clarification if a Lease for Life loan provided to the owner would be classified as a movable or immovable asset given how it is tied to the property. Can anyone confirm...
  5. Monica415

    NSW Water Bill payment 2 months after Lease ended?

    I transfered my lease to a new tenant on 22 March 2020. All dues were settled and got my bond back. However the new tenant supposedly received a water bill dated from 20 Jan - 20 Apr 2020 now. The new tenant expects me to pay for 2 months use, however I do not have access to the reciept...
  6. N

    Can i give notice to a commercial tenant on roll over lease? during covid19

    Hey, i want to give 30 days to my commercial tenant of 4 years. They refused to sign a new lease with a small rent increase so we never managed to agree to a new lease. Now Covid has happened! his lease with 1 year option expired may 2018 As soon as the GOV announced covid measures which sounded...
  7. T

    VIC How to evict a person not on the lease

    I hold the lease to my house. I sublet a room on the basis of a two week trial then adding the person to the lease. This was a verbal agreement. The person claimed they were a yoga teacher - in reality the person is a stripper who smokes marijuana all day with dealers coming to the house. During...
  8. blackray

    Notice to vacate issued within lease terms

    Newbie here. Our family has been issued a notice to vacate within 60 days since early March. Reason: property need to be prepared for selling. Due to schooling and other reasons, we need to react to that quickly and find a place to settle down. We have then landed a new property and...
  9. M

    VIC Breaking Lease and Applying to VCAT?

    Good evening all. I'm a landlord and have a tenant who was four months into a 12-month lease when she resigned from her existing job and took up a position on the other side of town and wanted to find a property closer to the new work location. I advised her of the impact of doing this and she...
  10. C

    WA Terminating car bay lease and definition of 'calendar month'

    Hello, I lease a car bay for $400 a month which I have just given notice to terminate on March 16. The agreement says 'This agreement may be terminated by one full calendar month’s written notice given by the Licensee to the Licensor'. I have already paid up until the end of this month and have...