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  1. K

    NSW mother and children born Australia father deported to new Zealand demanding visitation

    hi ok so long story but here goes I split with with 2 childrens father about 8 years ago due to his violence he had limited contact with the kids after that due to his drug use and constant issues with police about 8 years ago he found out where we lived and did a home invasion on the house...
  2. BrokeGirl7

    QLD Relocating a Child Abroad

    Hi all, I would like to relocate to France with my partner and daughter from my first marriage. I am about to start negotiating this with him but anticipate a no. Is there a chance I could force this issue in court? Our family situation key facts: Our daughter turns 13 in a few months The...
  3. J

    QLD How Would Family Court Play Out?

    Looking for help with the following situation: Father wants to see children, hasn't seen children for 12 months as of now. He has only tried to contact mother through other people and asked to see children. Mother has not contacted the father or engaged with him directly or through other...
  4. T

    WA Stepping away from legal proceedings

    HI, i need to know my options I'm half way through court proceedings but no closer to settling or resolving the dispute of parenting orders. I have no financial backing, have recently moved jobs so can't get a personal loan and have sold all the small assets I have. I have decided to walk away...
  5. G

    NSW General Opinions on Applying for Family Court Orders?

    Hi all, it's been a while since my last post! This is NSW if that helps. I'm just hoping for some general opinions for questions I have. It's not where I wanted to be heading, but there have been some serious enough (for me) breaches of our family court orders made approx 1 1/2 years ago. I'm...
  6. T

    Comedy Web Series about Lawyer

    Hi all! Letting you know about the new comedy web series, "Baby, It's Just Business". It's about a masculine female lawyer who wants to have a baby. Oh, and she carries a really big gun! Check it out and share: Thanks!
  7. P

    WA What if Ex with Criminal Record Applies for Recovery Order?

    About 4 years ago, my ex became addicted to drugs, was convicted and sentenced to jail for dealing meth etc. Prior to jail he was abusive, unpredictable, threatening, etc. He forced us out of our home and we had to leave with nothing. Due to threats I had an interim DVO taken out that covered me...
  8. S

    NSW Is it legal for my wife to hide out with my 2-yo kid without telling me?

    My wife and I are in cold war since 2 weeks ago. But while I was at work today, she suddently left home and hide out with my 2-yo kid without telling me. She also didn't answer my calls. Is it legal? What is my option as a dad to the kid?
  9. T

    NSW Rights regarding communication with a DVO?

    Recently (4 weeks ago) separated from a long term relationship, I currently have a DVO (not interim, in place for one week now) against my ex partner. There is a serious threat to safety due to domestic violence, suicide and drug and alcohol concerns on the part of my ex. We have a 2 year old...
  10. D

    VIC Separation - Parent Wanting My Home in Their Property Pool?

    I'll keep this short and to the point: My (former) mother and father are having a 'property separation' in the Federal Circuit/ Family Court. My (former) mother started proceedings against my father and she has listed me as a secondary. She's demanding that I sign my home onto her. 5 years...