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The Fair Work Commission (FWC), until 2013 known as Fair Work Australia (FWA), is the Australian industrial relations tribunal created by the Fair Work Act 2009 as part of the Rudd Government's reforms to industrial relations in Australia. Operations commenced on 1 July 2009. It is the successor of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, and also performs functions previously performed by the Workplace Authority and the Australian Fair Pay Commission. Since March 2012, Iain JK Ross has been the President of FWC, and Bernadette O'Neill is its current General Manager. As of 29 May 2019, it operates under the portfolio of the Australian Attorney-General, the Hon. Christian Porter MP.FWC's functions include the setting and varying industrial awards, minimum wage fixation, dispute resolution, the approval of enterprise agreements, and handling claims for unfair dismissal.

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    WA My Supervisor Told Lies About Me Resulting in Unfair Dismissal?

    This supervisor is a bully and not fond of women working in mining. I was the new kid on the block so I was constantly being pulled into the office for petty things. I learnt to shrug it off. I never showed that I was annoyed. My 3 month review came and went and then I was called into office...
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    WA How Long to Wait Before Contacting Fair Work Australia?

    Last week, just before Easter Thursday, I quit a casual job with an employer that wasn't respecting the promises made over hours offered to me and had not provided payslips, nor had deducted PAYG. At the point when I quit, I was owed for 41 hours, worked going into Easter weekend. It's now late...
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    QLD Am I Entitled to Paid Parental Leave?

    Hello, I have a baby due on June 7th. My employer has advised me that as a small business, she does not have to give me paid or unpaid leave or time off. There is no enterprise agreement in place for the industry I am in and no employment contract was signed when I started full time employment...
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    NSW Fair Work Australia - Employer Withholding Outstanding Entitlements?

    I have just been presented with a deed of release which I have been asked to sign. My former employer is holding unpaid salary, leave and superannuation until I sign the deed. In addition, my former employer is offering to pay out the outstanding wages in a series of instalments and I am...
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    QLD Employer Won't Pay Me - Who Can Help?

    I am an Australian lady and I recently returned to Australia after nearly 17 years away. I took the first job I could get, just as a waitress employed on a casual basis, and worked 2 long shifts, 15 hours in total. I got great feedback on my work. However, the restaurant itself was awful and...
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    VIC Unfair Dismissal - Can Respondent Appeal for the Final Hearing Decision?

    Hi, I have a legal question regarding my ongoing matter. I won my Order at Fair Work Australia through Unfair Dismissal :) The Respondent (employer) did not pay the Order :( Now the Ombudsman became the applicant in a new matter at the Federal Circuit Court, for 'breach of Order'. The Hearing...
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    QLD Unfair Dismissal Case?

    Hello all. So I work for a company in Central Queensland in which I was employed as a full time Sales Rep (no commision just salary. Below minimum wage) In the middle of 2016. I decided that I was going to start studying as it was made clear to me by management that there was no room for me to...
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    QLD Accidental Payments - Should I Pay It Back?

    Long story short, my former employer and I had a falling out. He wasn't paying me for all my hours. I worked and it wasn't a good environment, so I quit. I was a casual and it was a small business so no notice needed. I thought that was that but I received my usual pay in my bank account at the...
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    VIC Employment Law - Lawful Direction from HR?

    Under Employment Law, can a HR manager direct that, following my engagement of a solicitor in relation to a workplace matter, I am required to communicate with the HR manager via my solicitor (and prohibit me from communicating with the employer directly in relation to the workplace matter)...
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    NSW How to Determine What Award We Should be Under?

    I recently started working for a new company and therefore I'm still on probation so I need to tread carefully regarding this issue. After accepting a position with a wholesale company working nights, I found out that we are paid under a retail award. While I found this to be odd at the time...