executor of will

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An executor is someone who is responsible for executing, or following through on, an assigned task or duty. The feminine form, executrix, may sometimes be used.

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  1. K

    NSW Lodger Changed Locks and is Denying Executor of Will?

    My Grandmother was admitted to hospital in December 2018 and transferred to an aged care facility in January 2019 where she passed away in March 2019. There has been Lodger residing at her home for some years who has taken an AVO out on my mother, one of the Executors, when she last visited my...
  2. L

    SA Executor of Will Selling Deceased Estate for Less Than Valued?

    Hi, My question is: My late father left a houseboat to his 5 children (2 from the1st marriage (#1), and 3 from the 2nd marriage(#2)). In the will, it states that if siblings #2 do not want to buy out siblings #1 within 12 months, the boat is to be sold. Anyway, the boat ended up being listed...
  3. KitnCaboo

    NSW Bank Needing Beneficiary's Date of Birth - Options?

    I am Executor of Will for my late parent's will. I am in the process of obtaining Probate (via Solicitor) and have opened an "Estate Account" at the same bank as my late parent banked. There are 2 Beneficiaries, myself and my late parent's sibling who was left a Gift/Special Bequest of $2000...
  4. E

    Maladministration of will

    I’ve got some serious reservations about the distribution of a will that was meant to be split amongst the surviving children... What evidence does the executor need to provide about the administration of the deceased estate? What can be done if it’s later found out one of the executors was...
  5. L

    WA Removed as Administrator - Mum's Will Not Found?

    My mum had verbally made me the executor of will, which she told me, my brother and my sister, nearly 2 years ago. When mum passed last year, I flew over to organize her funeral and cleanup the house in readiness for sale. I spoke with my brother and sister daily, either by voice calls or sms...
  6. Y

    WA Executor of will rights over power of attorney

    As an executor of a will, do I have the right to demand accounting transactional records from an enduring power of attorney in operation before the death of my parents
  7. J

    QLD Hospital Health Matters - Next of Kin and Power of Attorney?

    When a patient is admitted to hospital, they fill out an admission form nominating a next of kin. In Qld, what are the rights and obligations of the next of kin when the patient has already appointed another person as the enduring power of attorney and executor of will? Why do hospitals want...
  8. L

    VIC Co-Executor of Will has Dementia - Help?

    Hi, There are 2 questions for anyone with information: 1: My father passed away 2 weeks ago and we have found out that my dad's partner (of 20+ years) and my brother are both co-executors of dad's will. My dad's partner is now in her early eighties and has Alzheimer's disease with terrible...
  9. K

    NSW Executor of Will - Estate as Place of Residence?

    I have been living in an estate long enough for it to be defined as a permanent place of residence - for the purposes of probate, the executor of will has informed me that it's not required to be paid due to the household being my place of residence. The estate lawyer, however, tells me that I...
  10. J

    NSW Can Executor of Will Appoint a Public Trustee?

    Hello everyone. I would like to know whether an executor of will /trustee can appoint a solicitor to become them. Like the Public Trustee.