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    VIC Car Left to Me in Will - What to Do?

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help. Recently my lifelong friend passed away leaving me her car in her will. Her niece was supposed to drop it to my house but has so far refused to do so. I’m not exactly sure what to do. I was informed by the executor of will that it was left to...
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    NSW Executor of Will has Conflict of Interest?

    My mum died in January. We couldn’t find a will. My brother “found” a will naming him as executor of will and got probate. We all have doubts about the validity of the will, but as the will divided all my mums’ property equally between her six children we decided not to contest it as it was what...
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    NSW Executor of Will - Sharing Expense for Dissolution of Assets?

    My mother's estate consists of a house and two adjacent blocks of land. The executor of will at the bequest of my two siblings is preparing the blocks for sale at no little expense to the estate of which I am a beneficiary. It was agreed in minuted meeting (and the estate lawyer has...
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    QLD How to Insist that Executor of Will Sell the Property?

    Hi I wanted to get some clarity on the following, please: Mother (last surviving parent) died and left the deceased estate to 3 grown children equally to be sold and distributed. Two oldest siblings are the executors of the will. Probate has been cleared. The second sibling is living in the...
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    QLD Sister executor of will and removing items of value

    my sister in law is the executor of her fathers will. He is still alive, however has terminal cancer. Over the past weeks since finishing out that he is terminal, she has been removing everything of value from the house. Her husband, who is not named on the will, wanted all his tools, so she...
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    NSW Rights of Beneficiary to a Potential Bankrupt Deceased Estate?

    Amongst others, I was named as a beneficiary in a deceased estate that had the potential to be declared bankrupt. The deceased was a sole business operator, who died in 2014 and had a lot debt, but also a substantial life insurance policy. The business also had varying (relatively minor)...
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    NSW Can Executor Hold Back Fair Distribution of Deceased Estate?

    My mother passed away last September. She had quite a large estate. My 2 brothers are executors of will for her deceased estate. One brother is criminal, the other is not. I'm worried given the distribution of her estate, if the criminal brother can hold back on our fair share. Probate has...
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    NSW Timeframe for Resolution After Contesting a Will?

    Hi, My wife's brother is contesting a will of their mother on the grounds of being inadequately provided for. He had not been part of his mother's life for quite some tears but has engaged a "no win no pay" solicitor and hence, my wife as executor of will, also engaged a solicitor. To date...
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    VIC Power of Attorney Mischief - What to Do?

    Hi guys, I need some clarity on breach of fiduciary responsibility . My uncle is my grandmother's power of attorney and executor of will. He's confirmed that he has transferred her money over to his trust fund for 'safe keeping'. She's been convinced that this is normal and that she shouldn't...
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    VIC What will Happen if Parents Disclaim an Inheritance?

    Hello, My parents have been left an inheritance. The executor of will in control of the estate is causing us problems. My parents want to disclaim the inheritance to do away with the executor. If they do this, the inheritance then goes to the children (stated in the Will). If my parents were...