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NSW When to Pay Stamp Duty on an Off the Plan Property?

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by Rohith, 9 May 2016.

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  1. Rohith

    Rohith Member

    9 May 2016
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    I have bought an off the plan property in NSW through a market leading builder in February 2015. According to my lawyer, I have to pay the stamp duty by May 2016 or before the completion of the house. Please note that the house is under construction and as per the builder, it will be only finished by August 2016, however, the contract was signed on Feb 2015.

    The land was registered in Dec 2015. So can someone please recommend, when should I pay my stamp duty? According to the builder, I should only pay the stamp duty after getting the occupational certificate.

    Appreciate your help!

    Thank you.

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