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NSW What Happens in a Divorce Hearing?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Mia.Mia, 11 July 2016.

  1. Mia.Mia

    Mia.Mia Active Member

    1 March 2016
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    Hi, I have my divorce hearing on Thursday. I'm just after some help on what the etiquette is in family court. I've been told it will just be a few minutes to say, yes, the children are with me and yes the father sees the children, but I'm curious as to what happens.

    I obviously take a seat and wait for my name to be called. Once it's called, do you walk to the front? How do I address the judge? I've never in my life been in a court, therefore have zero idea what to expect.

    Thanks so much :)
  2. AllForHer

    AllForHer Well-Known Member

    23 July 2014
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    You can sit in the back of the courtroom while the registrar goes through the divorce hearings taking place before yours.

    When yours is to be heard, they will call your name. Walk to the front, stand behind the bar table like where a lawyer would stand. The registrar will read your application and ask you a few questions, mainly whether the children are being looked after, then the registrar will state whether or not the divorce is granted, and once the court clerk gives permission, you can turn around and walk out of the courtroom.

    It's a pretty straight forward process as far as court hearings go, so don't stress too much.
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