NSW Wedding Venue Cancellation - Refund Under Australian Consumer Law?

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25 March 2018

I am needing some help.

Last year, I booked my wedding venue. I paid a $2,500 deposit + $8,000 in additional payments.

30 days before my wedding, the venue contacted me as they had 'double-booked' and wanted to offer us an alternative date.

We told them "No, this is the date we paid for, this is the date we want". They told us it was not possible so we told them we would have to cancel. A few days later, they got into contact with us again to tell us that our day was once again available and to see if we wanted to move forward with our booking.

In this time we made alternative plans + no longer had interest in dealing with this company.

They told us our money would be refunded within 30 days but stated they were keeping the $2,500 as it was a non-refundable deposit and because we did not accept their alternative date.

We paid the deposit for a specific date ... they took money for services they could not provide as agreed to.

It's now been three months and we have still not received anything, just excuses.

What are my rights?

Am I entitled to a full refund under Australian Consumer Law?

Is it legal for them to pull our date then expect us to continue when it's available again?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


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6 April 2016
Since they broke the contract, they must give you a full refund.

Where I see this potentially becoming tricky is if this was all done over the phone (verbally). If they decided for example to deny telling you they could 'not' do the date you booked... What evidence do you have?