QLD Sole Parental Responsibility and Right of Other Parent?

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27 October 2014
If you have sole parental responsibility for a child (custody of children), what rights does the other parent have? For example, can they contact schools and hospitals to find out information about the children?

Can the government share all info about the children with them?


Victoria S

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9 April 2014
Hi @FamilyLawMum,
A Parenting Order made by the Court would set out who has responsibilities in relation to children that each parent must abide by - so what does the Parenting Order say about that? Also see the Family Law Courts "Parenting orders – obligations, consequences and who can help" page and "If you can’t agree on arrangements" page for further legal information about Parenting Orders.

What kind of information are you referring to that Government agencies would share with the child's other parent? Unless there's something clearly prohibiting the other parent from accessing information about the child, then the other parent will likely be able to request information that any other parent would be able to about their child.
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