Relocation Order, Interim Orders & Consent Orders - Managing Court Proceedings?

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8 December 2014
Hi there,
I am new here and am after some advice for a friend. Not real sure of legal terms, so please bear with me....

He has separated from his partner (separation), with 3 young children. He sees his kids every second weekend. She has moved 2 hours away without his consent. This happened in July.

He sought legal advice immediately, enlisted help from a Solicitor and was given a Court Date for November.
He attended Court, and was told to appear in a different Court in December.
No Interim Orders or Consent Orders have been issued. Now there is a problem, and he believes that the matter will not be heard by a Judge/Magistrate until the New Year.

His initial application was for a Relocation Order, Interim Orders and Consent Orders and he was led to believe that the matter would be dealt with urgently, due to the Relocation Issue. Now he is looking at nothing happening until the New Year.

What, if anything, can be done ????

8 December 2014
He has been told by his lawyer that the Court has made the mistake. Not sure of the exact details, but they have applied for/written up the wrong details?

He is the one who has to appear in Court, have a day off work and pay costs - all for nothing?!


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5 January 2016
May I ask if this has been resolved? I'm looking at the same issue right now. My ex-girlfriend is looking to move with our son 3.5 hours away. She has been served with court documents for an initial court date of 31st March, and the court application she received includes details of weekly visits, but there is currently no court order in place. Is she permitted to move so far away with him?