NSW Personal Injury at After School Care - Infant Settlement?

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16 August 2015
My son ran into an after school care worker (with a large belt buckle) when he was in primary school (he is now 16). He has had root canal, fillings and crowns which the insurance company paid for his bills. They would like to pay him out for any future costs (which he has received a quote from the dentist).

I have heard of an infant settlement, could you please explain? Would we have to go through the courts and also would I have to act as trustee for him until he is 18 (even though he may need treatment on his teeth before then)?

Many Thanks.


Well-Known Member
2 October 2015
I would strongly suggest to contact a personal injury lawyer. See https://lawanswers.wufoo.com/forms/get-connected-with-the-right-lawyer-for-you/ to find a local personal injury lawyer.

The lawyer will be able to calculate in great details using multipliers to make sure that every possible contingency in future medical costs for your son are calculated. Of course if these figures are not a big amount then it may not be worth retaining a personal injury lawyer.

Please make sure that the dentist quote includes all treatment needed throughout his lifespan - even treatment that he may/may not need - better to ask for it now as a contingency rather than not asking for it. You cannot double dip - this is your last chance to recover future medical costs for your son.

There are private and public trustees where the settlement would go to - on application to them they are able to if they see fit allow your son access to money to get the treatment that he needs.