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14 July 2020
I bought into large OC complex with my own 1 garage space. Where I live there are 8 other or community parking spaces that have recently been sign posted 'visitors parking only'
when I bought in there were no signs at all there or in other areas that have now been similarly sign posted. When I first bought in, there were only very few parking spaces designated as 'visitor parking', note the word 'only' wasn't there then or anywhere. Now all such spaces around the complex have had the 'visitor parking only' signs installed.
I don't like this move obviously, the push comes because 1 committee member's visitor couldn't find a parking space on site one Sat afternoon; we have a large shopping centre car park opposite, so my friends or visitors just park there and walk over. At present owners or tenants with 2nd cars in the main park in these spaces.
My question is,
Can the committee implement new rules to make the spaces all visitors only by putting time limits on all the signs? I think they would rather have the area as a wasteland or free of cars altogether, or certainly not for the owners who pay 4 to 5Ks in OC fees. Certain committee members paid for 2 spaces on their title when buying in many years prior, so they feel aggrieved that other residents or owners use a 'free' space so to speak. Its all become rather petty, sad to say.
Also with 'Disable Parking' spaces, is there a requirement that says the committee must provide spaces within such a complex for any Disabled drivers?


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27 May 2014
Read the Rules of your owners corporation as your starting point.