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Neighbour Dispute - Tree Removal

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by MMXC, 4 June 2014.

  1. MMXC

    MMXC Member

    4 June 2014
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    My neighbour has been asking me cutting down a tree in my backyard. He arranged a tree person who promised the job will be finished in one day. I agreed. But the tree person ruined my back yard and lawn during his job and the work was not finished in one week. After that, I don't have any person at home during the working hours to let the tree person into the back yard. As such, I had to ask that person cease working. Six months later, I received a letter from court for the hearing that my neighbour ask me to remove the tree.
    What can I do to prepare for the hearing? Am I doing the wrong thing?
  2. HarrietJ

    HarrietJ Well-Known Member

    24 April 2014
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    Is the tree hanging over into their property? Or are there any Overhanging branches or exposed roots that could cause property damage and/or personal injury?
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