genital herpes

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    sue escort for giving me herpes

    hi all Yes judge away, but I lost my virginity 2 weeks ago to an escort and was gifted the joy that is herpes. We used protection but still caught it. I've done my research and it seems its illegal to be a sex worker in Victoria if you knowingly have herpes or any STD All it would take is for...
  2. J

    Compensation for Genital Herpes?

    Is it possible to claim some kind of compensation for contracting genital herpes (HSV-2) from a past partner that knew they had it but failed to inform you?
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    Class Action - Genital Herpes and STI Testing in Australia?

    I think there is a massive class action waiting to happen but nobody will take on the medical or pharmaceutical fraternity. My story is embarrassing, but I don't believe it is my fault, or even the man who gave it to me. I found out a week ago that I have genital herpes (GH). This is a life...