How to Get Horses Off My Property?

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Dennis vella

10 July 2014
Bit over 4months ago I let a lady put her horses on my 2 acre property seeing she had now where to put them. As i work away i told her that she had to look after them as they are hers. 7weeks later she came only cause i rang and told her that they had no water.

Now, they have no feed pushing fences on road side as they are looking for food. I've told her to move them but she just more or less is refusing to take them away. What can i do legally under Property Law to get them off as i'm not charging her for having them here and i was also told that i am liable for the animals if they get out hit a car or just anything really.

miss alley

Active Member
21 April 2014
I feel the easiest avenue is to call the RSPCA. They will remove the animals, but only if they are not being cared for appropriately. They have the power to commence proceedings to have the owner held responsible for neglecting her animals.

Alternatively you may choose to sue under the private nuisance laws. If her animals have caused any damage to your property of have affected your right to peaceful enjoyment of your property, you may recover costs to the value of the damages incurred.

As I am a paralegal and a student (studying a Bachelor of Laws), I recommend you seek further advice to confirm the suggestions I have made. You may find all you need in a good book on Torts Laws that contains information on Public and Private Nuisances, and a book on Animal Rights Laws. However you must ensure that the book provides information relevant to your jurisdiction.

Best of Luck.