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VIC Executor of Will not Responding to Emails - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Wills and Estate Planning Law Forum' started by Frustrated H, 26 August 2015.

  1. Frustrated H

    Frustrated H Member

    26 August 2015
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    My mother passed away early this month. She has appointed her lawyer as her executor of will and deceased estate. I've emailed him twice asking him to send me information or a copy of her last wishes & he is ignoring my requests. The will was written 2007

    Hope you can help me. What I can do? I live in the country & can't get to the lawyers office.

    Feeling frustrated & upset.
  2. bluetongue

    bluetongue Well-Known Member

    8 March 2015
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    Write to the lawyer advising him that under S.50 of the Wills Act 1997 you are entitled to see the will, and if this is not provided to you within so many days, you will initiate a complaint with the Legal Services Commissioner. This should get the solicitor responding to your request.
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  3. Alimacf

    Alimacf Member

    12 September 2015
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    Under the circumstances, make sure you send the letter as a hard copy, registered mail. Emails are too easily denied for a number of reasons. Also look at the legal company and see if there is a senior member you can send a copt to. They often guard their reputation as their life.

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