NSW Ex won't remove property

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21 March 2018
My ex (defacto of 6 years) moved out in April 2018 and refuses to participate in property settlement. As such he still shares ownership of the family home that I'm living in and paying off on my own (I'm trying to get funds together to initiate court proceedings to finalise settlement).

Meanwhile he refuses to arrange to collect his stuff which he left behind taking up half the garage and driveway. He says he has the right to leave it here as it's "his house".

He also has even more stuff stored at my family's property.

There is an ADVO in place since November 2018 preventing him from entering either premises for 2 years. He had a property recovery order, but failed to collect his stuff before it expired at the beginning of January 2019.

What rights do I have about disposing of his 'abandoned' property? I'm assuming I can get rid of the stuff left at my family's place (as he isn't a legal property owner) but am I stuck with the stuff he left at our home until we settle?