WA Duties/notifications/timeline for executor handling a deceased estate.

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3 June 2020
So I have managed to navigate my way through the probate process and have now been granted probate.

Question 1.
I've read that a challenge or debt can be claimed for 12 months from the death (family) and 6 months from the grant of probate (debt claim).
One of the beneficiaries would like to get some of the assets distributed earlier due to financial hardship. They are in Melbourne with the Covid lockdown.

As the executor this is possible but its recommended to get the beneficiaries to agree to be liable for future claims. I've been trying to find something suitable to base the forms/affedavit to be signed. Anyone able to point me in the right direction for this?

Question 2.

In terms of notifications I understand that the executor has the file intent to distribute assets with the supreme court and also advertise it locally. I cant seem to find where the executor would advertise this locally. Anyone got pointers on where I would be able to view these two parts? Does the executor have to advertise in regards to partial distribution of assets?

Thanks in advance (hopefully).