VIC Debt Collectors for Electrician Call Out Fee?

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26 July 2014
Where do I stand? I made an appointment over the phone to have an electrician come and fix our gas heater. The wait was three weeks. On the day of the appointment the tradie arrived without having confirmed the arrangement. He tried to call me 2 hrs before the appointment time but my mobile phone was switched off. There was no other effort made to confirm the appointment time. I no longer required his services so I apologised and told him that the heater was good now and his services were not required. He charged me $100 for a call out and I refused to pay. I had no prior knowledge of this charge. Now I have a bill for $162 as he has forwarded the issue to debt collectors. I am so angry. What do I do?

Owens Lawyers

Well-Known Member
13 June 2014

In a case like this it is possible that there is an agreement, the terms of which could include a cancellation fee. The term could be express or implied. The term could be advertised on their website, for example. From the electrician's point of view, you made a booking, you didn't cancel, the electrician tried to contact you, and the electrician honoured their part of the agreement by turning up. It is not unreasonable that they expect to be paid for coming out.

The increase of $62 is a different issue. They appear to have added a debt collectors fee. Unless that is part of an agreement, it's probably not something they can reasonably claim.

You probably need to find out what terms and conditions of your agreement with them they are relying on to charge you these fees and also how they believe these terms and conditions were brought to your attention.