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QLD Costume Used in Mobile Phone App - Copyright Issues?

Discussion in 'Intellectual Property Law Forum' started by Hmorr5, 16 October 2015.

  1. Hmorr5

    Hmorr5 Member

    16 October 2015
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    I've recently developed a mobile phone application for one of my university courses. In it we allow the users to have an avatar (currently a cute pear thing) and they can unlock costumes for it. Two of the current costumes that we are messing around with are a Batman and a Superman. I'll add in the images below.

    Would we have any issues with copyright by using them? Would it be better to just leave them out of it?

    Also, we were thinking of printing shirts for our group as a memorable thing. If those shirts had the same images printed would that cause any problems also?


    [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Therese

    Therese Well-Known Member

    11 October 2015
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    My understanding is that when you are using copyright images for uni assignments they need to be sourced. On the app if you source where the image was taken from I think it should be ok.

    However in regards to putting the images on the t-shirts; Are you thinking of selling them? Once you start using copyrighted images for commercial purposes this is when you start to run into trouble.

    Hope that helps!
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