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  1. H

    QLD Costume Used in Mobile Phone App - Copyright Issues?

    Hey, I've recently developed a mobile phone application for one of my university courses. In it we allow the users to have an avatar (currently a cute pear thing) and they can unlock costumes for it. Two of the current costumes that we are messing around with are a Batman and a Superman. I'll...
  2. J

    VIC Creating an App - Intellectual Property Law Protection?

    I have an idea for a great online mobile app that will go gangbusters once launched. At present it is currently sketched on paper and at the early stages of creation. I would like to know a few things from the Law experts on what direction to take and who to speak to . The main concern is...
  3. S.F

    Trademark for Other Countries for my App?

    Hi, I have registered a business in Australia for an app I am developing. I am using that name on social media; facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. I didn't trademark the name and searches reveal it is trademarked in Australia and a similar name trademarked in the USA. All in a similar...
  4. D

    Court Ruling on Copyright of an iPhone App?

    Hi. I have developed an iphone app (not yet released to the public). I want to get a court ruling on whether it breaches copyright law, before I decide to release the app to the public. Is this possible? If so, how do I apply? I know with tax matters, the public can apply for a tax ruling on...