QLD Commercial Lease -Landlord Asked Us to Repaint Floor?

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12 August 2015
We came to the end of our commercial lease on 30th June and we have not received our reantal Band back of over $15,000.

The landlord has inspected the property and has indicated that the floor of the warehouse (around 250m square) will need to be repainted at our own cost. When we moved in the floor was not freshly painted and had wear and tear. Now 3 years on there is some more wear and tear from ourselves but can the landlord really ask us to repaint the floor when it was not freshly painted on the start of rent.

In our rental agreement from the start of the rental it does indicate under a title of 'Redecorate' that the landlord can basically ask for a redecoration, but later in the document states that there should be an allowance for wear and tear.

We just don't want to be paying for a massive paint job with expensive epoxy floor paint when it is just wear and tear, but on the other hand do not want to antagonise the landlord into making us do a whole load more decorating.

We just don't know where we stand.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Martin,

Re painting the floor doesn't sound unreasonable. Usually commercial tenants are required to re-carpet, repaint etc. Without knowing the precise wording of your lease and what it contains I would say that the Landlord is likely within his rights to request this.