QLD Co-Executor Not Signing Off

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    Iam a beneficiary of a small estate where for now on two years one of the two executors has now agreed through their lawyer in a letter that they are now agreeable to monies they owed to the estate be brought into the estate and that the estate lawyers prepare the distribution. We as beneficiaries have been informed by the other executor that they have signed and returned their copy of the distrubation statement just over two weeks ago but the problem executor is now dragging the chain as such and the estate lawyers are now having trouble contacting them. This executor for two years refused to pay back the loan owed to the estate and now that they have now seem not to be following through with it.
    It looks like to us as beneficiaries that we are just going to be back where we were two years ago.
    Can this executor be just allowed to hold as to ransom or can something be done to close this matter.
    Many Thanks.

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