QLD Car Double Clutch "Engineering Feature" - Remedy under Australian Consumer Law?

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26 August 2015
We have a car made by a major manufacturer. From day 3 of owning it, the car has shuddered and shaken when its "engineering feature" (direct quote) double clutch gearbox doesn't know which gear to select. The service manager attempted to say that it was due to our driving style...but our other double clutch car has no issues.

The manufacturer has apparently done multiple software patches, replaced the gear box and told to us to "drive more sportily" (this is not a sports car, and it isn't an adaptive gearbox). The manufacturer has also extended the warranty on the drivetrain across the range. Shudder continues, and when I have driven similar models as a hire car, the flaw/feature is evident. This was not evident on the test drives of the dealer vehicle.

Is there avenue to get an acceptable remedy under Australian consumer law, or concede that the "engineering feature" is one that even the manufacturer is unable to comprehend and will stonewall?


Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Pseudo,

If the fault is a car/design fault, have you tried negotiating with the manufacturer for a return/refund of the car? Or exchange to another model? If so, what did they say?

I would also recommend you call Fair Trading QLD and getting them to assist you in reaching a resolution with the manufacturer.