NSW Can an employer deny access to payslips

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30 December 2019
Hi there,
I want to ask a question regarding pay slips, as I have been made recently redundant from a retail job that I had been working in for 15 years after a takeover.
My ex boss said that I would be paid within two weeks after my termination. As a casual employee I only have long service leave that needs to be paid out.
Our pay slips can all be viewed and downloaded online, but as of a couple of days ago I have been suddenly blocked from the payroll/payslip website that the company uses, and I cannot view my redundancy payslip. Is this something that the business is allowed to do? They have also done this to another employee that had been made redundant after the takeover. I have been paid a sum of money within the two weeks as promised, but i do not believe that the amount is accurate.

One other random query, during the time I worked there, it was required of me as an employee working register to come in 5-10mins early before my rostered hours and count my register/float, and was also required to stay after rostered hours to count out my register, which depending on how busy the store was, I would sometimes have had to stay for an extra 20 mins. Is this supposed to be paid working hours? because I was never paid for any of that time. If it is paid, can I still claim this after being made redundant?

Kind regards,


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27 May 2014
Payslips have to be given to employees. Making them available online without some kind of email link/attachment is a breach of the Fair Work Act. I haven't exhaustively researched the definition of 'give' in relation to payslips so not sure if a simple link qualifies.

If you were required to do work outside of rostered hours it should all be paid.

And yes, unpaid wages can be claimed after redundancy.