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The FÉG PA-63 is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by the FÉGARMY Arms Factory of Hungary.

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  1. J

    QLD Liquidator ignoring Secured Creditors

    Hey everyone, Well it’s pretty much as the title says. “Liquidator ignoring secured creditors”, that’s myself and every other employee. So the company I worked for went into liquidation in February 2018 and we all went through FEG for our entitlements which were paid in November last year...
  2. A

    WA Redundancy denied by FEG

    Hello I was recently made redundant as a result of my employer going into administration and then liquidation. I have made a claim through FEG for my entitlements which they have paid all except for redundancy. They have denied redundancy on the basis that there was less than 15 employees at...
  3. J

    QLD Proof of debt for Liquidator on underpayment of wages

    Hey everyone I have a question and any information offered is greatly appreciated. I have to give the liquidator the amount that I think I am owed of underpayment of wages. I have already received an amount from the Fair Entitlements Guarantee which included 13 weeks as well as my notice...