NSW Bond money refund without sign contract

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29 December 2019
Hi there, my girlfriend and I lived in a unit for around one month, we used to leave with another two guys whose have the lease of the apartment, it means we just rent the room, at the beginning, they asked us to give four weeks as bond money and we never sign a contract, just verbal agreement for six months.

One day my girlfriend decided to buy a Christmas tree and put it in the leaving room another couple didn't like the tree and they argue that the tree we have to put it into the box again we decide to explain to them that it was just a cultural thing and it was going to be there for around one month and then we will dismantle, I try to explain to them that the leaving room it was the sharing areas of the apartment and we just wanted to celebrate Christmas, at the end they put the tree into the box.

During the argue I told them that it wasn't right that they were doing that to us, so I told them for the good of all of us was better if my girlfriend and me should find another place, the were agree with our decision, and I asked them about the bond money and they said that the will give us all the money back.

Two weeks ago we left the property, we left one week before of our agreement day because they were going for holidays and they asked us to leave before with the condition that they will give us the money back of one week of rent and the bond money.

At the moment to give the keys back I asked one of the guys about the money and he said ''send your details to my partner and he will transfer you the money'' I didn't see any problem and I left the house. I sent my bank details to him and then I realised that he blocked me, so he couldn't see my messages, so I decided to send my details to his partner and he didn't answer me yesterday I send him a message again and he answer me that our agreement was for six months and we won't give my money back and if I try to go to their house the will call the police for trespass.

I texted them back saying that wasn't our agreement but they didn't answer and now I don't know what to do I am really desperate because I am an international student and I think I didn't do anything wrong.