Blocking shared driveway access

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17 June 2021
Hi, I've moved into a property that has a shared driveway, between 2 suburban houses, which is a car/carriage width (yes, the houses are that old) access to the rear of both properties. I have an open yard and carport, room for 2 cars in the yard and the other house has an enclosed back yard with a garage and roller door, my car port shares the wall of the garage. When I first moved the nice neighbour made it clear the driveway is on her title. Fine. The problem is her home help (twice a week), gardener, daughter and occasional other visitors often park in the driveway blocking us from leaving or entering the property or to park our cars, as it's a narrow one way street, with at times few or no cark parks during the day, even if you have a residential parking permit. They've all said 'just knock on the door if you need us to move', which is great, but it's still a nuisance and there's no guarantee they'll be there. They have knocked on my door and asked if I'll need the driveway for the next hour or so, but again, I might need to leave suddenly. There are often 2 hour car parking spaces vacant but there are a few AirBnB properties in the street which can make parking a challenge. My woodhooker hasn't been able to back down the driveway to unload wood, I can't get the bins past the cars and my partner waited for over an hour for the home helper to leave, he didn't need to go to work but didn't want to be a nuisance and we quite like the old dear who may not be entirely well. The annoying thing is, there's room at the end of the driveway behind her house for them to nose in and park a car without blocking the driveway at all. I'm getting a bit sick of not being able to freely leave and enter my property because these people are either entitled, p!ss poor drivers or both. I don't want to complain to council or make an issue of it and upset her, just wondering what the rule is regarding this. I thought the driveway would come under common ground rule or something as it's shared access to the rear of both properties, or is it just a considerate or courtesy thing, or a ransom thing if they decide to get narky about it. Thanks.
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