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The WorkCover Authority of New South Wales (or 'WorkCover NSW') was a New South Wales Government agency established in 1989. The agency created regulations to promote productive, healthy and safe workplaces for workers and employers in New South Wales. The agency formed part of the Safety, Return to Work and Support Division established pursuant to the Safety, Return to Work and Support Board Act, 2012 (NSW).
On 1 September 2015, WorkCover NSW was replaced by three new entities – Insurance and Care NSW (icare), the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), and SafeWork NSW, the new work health and safety regulator. The changes were part of reforms to improve the workers compensation system for employers and injured workers.
The information below pertains to the former WorkCover NSW as WorkCover NSW no longer exists and its functions have been split between the aforementioned agencies.
The Authority enforces their role 1324 providing a list of rules that employers must follow in the form of a legal legislation. It is possible for them to enforce it by having the right to inspect workplaces to check that the legislation is being followed. It contains the requirements to keep a hazardous chemicals register, requirements to train, instruct and provide information to staff about handling the chemicals. Some of the things work cover ensures when it inspects work places is that all employees are properly trained, have the correct and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and have the correct equipment to use.

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