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    Family Law Financial Separation Agreement

    My ex and I have been through mediation and mutually agreed on a financial settlement and superannuation split. (I’ve got out with a lot less than I could have ended up with so definitely happy about it) now her lawyers (she has legal aid) have drafted a separation agreement which I am happy...
  2. E

    WA Separation Agreement for Property in NZ?

    Hi there, I am needing representation to settle a separation agreement involving property in NZ. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in WA that can assist? Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    QLD Does forecasted commission income get put into the asset pool

    Hi married 16 years, 3 kids under 12. I have been a stay at home mum for the whole time, and he works earning a very good income over 200k per year. He left, and looking for a divorce. He works in property and on commissions plus a retainer. He is arguing with me that he will not put his...
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    NSW sharing property with ex

    We are joint tenants on 3 acres (separated for 10 years) and wish to build granny flat for him and I live in the house. I want legal agreement so he and his family can not come into 'my' area, poison my garden or his family to breed more roosters on the property! I also wonder about a joint...
  5. L

    WA Finalising Separation Agreement - What to Do?

    My husband and I have separated we have decided to go half with everything. Do we need to do anything to make the separation agreement legal?
  6. S

    Buying Ex-Spouse Share of Unit - Stamp Duty?

    Hi, I am attempting to buy my ex spouse out of unit. We have agreed on a modest amount (property settlement), that I will pay her $3500. I will be borrowing the full amount of $265, 000 off another lender from which we are with now. We have been broken up for 3 years.. We do not have a formal...
  7. K

    Separation Agreement - How to Make a Legal Contract?

    My partner and myself are separating and we have come to a separation agreement as to what we are splitting and monies owed and a time frame this needs to be paid in. How do I go about making this a legal contract without it costing too much money?
  8. G

    QLD Separation Agreement - My Right on Disbursement of Assets?

    I want to know what is involved for a Separation Agreement and my rights as husband as to having main asset sold and disbursement of assets.