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Legal separation (sometimes judicial separation, separate maintenance, divorce a mensa et thoro, or divorce from bed-and-board) is a legal process by which a married couple may formalize a de facto separation while remaining legally married. A legal separation is granted in the form of a court order. In cases where children are involved, a court order of legal separation often makes child custody arrangements, specifying sole custody or shared parenting, as well as child support. Some couples obtain a legal separation as an alternative to a divorce, based on moral or religious objections to divorce.Legal separation does not automatically lead to divorce. The couple might reconcile, in which case they do not have to do anything in order to continue their marriage.

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  1. M

    Family Law Financial Separation Agreement

    My ex and I have been through mediation and mutually agreed on a financial settlement and superannuation split. (I’ve got out with a lot less than I could have ended up with so definitely happy about it) now her lawyers (she has legal aid) have drafted a separation agreement which I am happy...
  2. E

    WA Separation Agreement for Property in NZ?

    Hi there, I am needing representation to settle a separation agreement involving property in NZ. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in WA that can assist? Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    QLD Does forecasted commission income get put into the asset pool

    Hi married 16 years, 3 kids under 12. I have been a stay at home mum for the whole time, and he works earning a very good income over 200k per year. He left, and looking for a divorce. He works in property and on commissions plus a retainer. He is arguing with me that he will not put his...
  4. F

    NSW sharing property with ex

    We are joint tenants on 3 acres (separated for 10 years) and wish to build granny flat for him and I live in the house. I want legal agreement so he and his family can not come into 'my' area, poison my garden or his family to breed more roosters on the property! I also wonder about a joint...
  5. L

    WA Finalising Separation Agreement - What to Do?

    My husband and I have separated we have decided to go half with everything. Do we need to do anything to make the separation agreement legal?
  6. S

    Buying Ex-Spouse Share of Unit - Stamp Duty?

    Hi, I am attempting to buy my ex spouse out of unit. We have agreed on a modest amount (property settlement), that I will pay her $3500. I will be borrowing the full amount of $265, 000 off another lender from which we are with now. We have been broken up for 3 years.. We do not have a formal...
  7. K

    Separation Agreement - How to Make a Legal Contract?

    My partner and myself are separating and we have come to a separation agreement as to what we are splitting and monies owed and a time frame this needs to be paid in. How do I go about making this a legal contract without it costing too much money?
  8. G

    QLD Separation Agreement - My Right on Disbursement of Assets?

    I want to know what is involved for a Separation Agreement and my rights as husband as to having main asset sold and disbursement of assets.