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Fort Recovery is a village in Mercer County, Ohio, United States. The population was 1,430 at the 2010 census. The village is near the location of Fort Recovery, first established in 1793 under orders from General Anthony Wayne. The town is located near the headwaters of the Wabash River.

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    NSW Chances of Successful Recovery Orders with Family Lawyer?

    15 months ago, I separated with my wife. In this event, she took our 3 children and moved away. She then denied me access to the children. 2 months after she left, I had already had a recovery order arranged, but she phoned me to pick up the children as she could not care for the children. She...
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    WA How to Ensure Daughter Returns from Visit Under Family Law?

    Hi, Long story short, I would like some help on admitting my 13-year-old to go and see her father's side of the family, which means travelling on her own from WA to VIC where they live. I had an incident happen about 3 years ago where with the aid of his mother, my ex-partner tried to take...
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    VIC How Difficult is it to Get a Recovery Order?

    G'day, Just got told by a lawyer yesterday that if I want to get a recovery order for my kids to come back from QLD to VIC, I have to do it in QLD because that's where they are and that there is a bunch of hurdles I'll need to jump through to try and get it, too. Can anyone tell me how hard it...
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    SA What Would Make Recovery Orders Unsuccessful?

    Hello everyone, I am curious to know, what would make a recovery order unsuccessful? What I mean is, what would the receiving party need to show it is not in the best interest's of a child to be returned to a previous state of residence? Are recovery orders easy as such to get and do you...
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    VIC Family Court and Recovery Orders - Grandmother Trying to Take Child Away?

    Recovery orders will be heard in 2 weeks. Grandmother put an interim order on her daughter with the grandchild's name also on it while she had agreed to babysit while her daughter was in Queensland trying to start a life for her and her child. We had shown up at family court for the interim...
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    Receiving Recovery Orders - By Mail or Personally Given?

    Do you receive letters of recovery orders via mail or does it have to be personally given to you? Thanks.
  7. C

    QLD Partner in Breach of Family Court Orders?

    Hi, It states in my family court order that my daughter is to visit her father every first Saturday to the following Monday of school holidays (so just over half of regular 2 week holidays), except for Christmas where it is the first, or last 4 weeks depending on who she has Christmas with that...
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    VIC Family Court Orders - Husband's Daughter Wants to Live with Us - Options?

    My husband sees his daughter (10 years old from a previous relationship) every fortnight. We have no family court orders and he hasn't seen her in over 14 months, but talks every Wednesday on the phone. He went and saw her at her school sports and she was so excited as she said mum always has a...
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    QLD Ex Requesting Recover Orders, Consent Orders and Location Orders

    A bit over two weeks ago, I left my partner due to prolonged emotional and verbal abuse. He has previously been physically violent, including trying to strangle me when I threatened to leave approximately 8 years ago. He hasn't recently been physically violent, although he still threatens to...
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    NSW Directional Hearing at Family Court - Change of Custody of Children Arrangement?

    My ex took my kids interstate without my approval. After recovery orders, we are at 60/40 share ( mostly with me - dad). We are not even close to a final agreement (she wants 80/20 share, plus has made some wild claims and accusations). Seems we are heading for trial. Our next hearing is next...