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  1. B

    Public Liability Insurance

    Hi, my Son is a Freelance Videographer/DOP in the Film & Television industry in Victoria, and i am wondering if my Son needs to have Public Liability Insurance for his work. All of his freelance work consists of being hired by Production Companies, Directors, and other professionals within the...
  2. L

    VIC Liabilities when recommending businesses

    I am starting a business that gets the details of people looking for a certain service through contact forms. I then sell those details to a small business that offers that service. Each persons details will only be sold to one business. I am a bit worried that I might be liable if the business...
  3. P

    VIC Public Liability whilst bankrupt

    Hi im trying to find someone that i can get PL insurance why im bankrupt? Any ideas please?
  4. Timnuts

    SA Back injury claim on private property

    Hi whilst in recovery and still on rtw support payments I was with a friend and renting a property for the past year due to my divorce and Family problems On day one of the lease agreement we ran into some plumbing issues which over the course of the week got recommended to the landlord and...
  5. W

    VIC Seek to Have Public Liability Insurance Cover Injury Costs?

    My mother tripped up some steps at the entry to a restaurant in August 2016. She sustained a badly broken wrist for which she was treated at a public hospital that evening. Additionally, she received lacerations and bruising to her face and other areas of her body. The restaurant manager was...
  6. S

    QLD Energex Claiming for Damage to Power Pole - What to Do?

    Hi guys So I'm just trying to find the best way to approach this. What happened was, 8 months ago I was run off the road by another driver. He didn't stop and unfortunately, I spun out of my lane to avoid being hit by this person and went straight into a Energex power pole. Police did their...
  7. D

    TAS Home Purchased with Compensation Monies - Can Bank Issue Foreclosure?

    We owned our house outright which I purchased 100% with Public Liability Compensation Funds. We since used this collateral to purchase a property for a business which has since failed. This business property has since been sold and all funds given to the bank but we have a short full and the...
  8. N

    NSW Should I Claim Public Liability from Strata for Damage?

    I have had my garage door wrecked by strata owned + large unsecured loose commercial type garbage bins continuously whirlpooling & floating in flood waters. Damage was clearly caused by the bins themselves and not the actual flood water pressure. Without the bins floating, my door would not...
  9. U

    QLD Fly Fishing Event in New Zealand - Public Liability Required?

    Hi, I am going to be running a fly fishing training event in New Zealand next year. I am charging money for this event and I'm wondering if a) public liability is required? And if so, do I get a public liability in Australia that will cover an event in NZ? Or am I able to get public liability...
  10. norlesh

    VIC Public Liability - Who's Responsible for Slippery Pavements in Wet Weather?

    I live in Melbourne where I would guess 99% of the sidewalks use either asphalt or some other form of coarse concrete which provides good traction in all weather conditions (puddles are a different matter). However there is this other 1% usually in front of newer high rises that use perfectly...