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Public liability is part of the law of tort which focuses on civil wrongs. An applicant (the injured party) usually sues the respondent (the owner or occupier) under common law based on negligence and/or damages. Claims are usually successful when it can be shown that the owner/occupier was responsible for an injury, therefore they breached their duty of care.
The duty of care is very complex, but in basic terms it is the standard by which one would expect to be treated whilst one is in the care of another.
Once a breach of duty of care has been established, an action brought in a common law court would most likely be successful. Based on the injuries and the losses of the applicant the court would award a financial compensation package.

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  1. B

    NSW Public Liability Insurance Necessary for Employees?

    Help! I just got a new job in a private practice working with children. I am an employee, not a contractor. My boss has told me I need to get public liability insurance. Is this necessary as I work for a company?
  2. D

    NSW League or Association Public Liability?

    Situation: If a League or association sanctions or allows overage players to take the field of play and those players injure other players what is the public liability or other liability of that Association?
  3. J

    WA Public Liability Insurance - Accident at a Business

    Hi, my query relates to public liability for a business. Today I took my elderly neighbour to a business run by a lady in her 70s from a couple of rooms in a private residence. On our way out my neighbour took a fall down a step and landed on her shoulder. She has been taken to hospital in an...
  4. D

    NSW B2B Service Contract - Must Give I Personal Guarantee?

    Background: My Pty Ltd company has just won business with a new client to build a new IT project as well as a managed service contract. Recently, the CEO of the client has experienced an issue with an old supplier whereby they went bankrupt and the client lost their spendings along with not...
  5. L

    NSW Public Liability Insurance - Legal Responsibility of Trip Leaders?

    Good Evening. I belong to a 4wd Club and i have been asked to run a trip. So I will be a trip Leader. My question is am I responsible for the participants on that trip and what are my liabilities and when does my Duty of Care start and finish? Our Club has Public liability Insurance. Does this...
  6. N

    VIC Public Liability Insurance Covering Personal Injury for Volunteer Work?

    I am a volunteer wildlife carer and I have been asked by a member of the public if they can do volunteer work to help me with the wildlife on my property. Am I responsible if something happened to them whilst on my property and can I be sued for personal injury? Or I am covered with some sort of...
  7. Jenny Claridge

    VIC Fundraising for Disaster Relief - Obligations Under Australian Law?

    Can I post on social media and get the community to meet, organise and fully volunteer, and donate (ie: supplies, service/talent) and then hold a community event and donate proceeds to State disaster relief fund? Everything will be posted on Facebook. Donations and fundraising activities will...
  8. W

    WA Playground Equipment Personal Injury - Liability?

    We were recently at a Big 4 Camping site where all sites have a bouncing pillow. We were camped near the bouncing pillow and at least 3 to 4 children a day ended up crying from being hurt - generally from the larger kids doing somersaults which sends the little ones flying. It happened to our...
  9. R

    VIC Sexually Assaulted at Supermarket - Is Supermarket Liable?

    Hello, About 7 month ago i have sexually assaulted at a big Supermarket, the offender has esscaped and the police have not been able to catch him. On this day the way the staff at this location offered me no help and I left without anyone writing a report or calling the police. I have had a...
  10. J

    QLD Leasing Horse - Am I Liable for Any Personal injury?

    I am looking at leasing my horse out for a small weekly fee, the horse will be kept at my property but the agreed leasee will be able to come and ride horse as they please. I will take care of all upkeep of the horse. If they are to fall off the horse or injure themselves somehow, am I legally...