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Property Settlement
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  1. M

    QLD New Partner's involvement in Home Sale, Conveyancing and Property Settlement

    My ex partner and I have just sold a home. We were in defacto rel. w 1 child and separated 10 months ago. He entered into a new relationship 8 months ago and lives with her. His new partner keeps butting into our property settlement and is causing problems. We can't seem to come to an agreement...
  2. D

    WA Property Settlement Rights for Him

    Hi guys, new to this, just wanting some clarification. Male married 17 years, remaining in the family home (3yrs now)and taking care of all the bills mortgage etc (including ex's car on the mortgage) ex will not move forward with settlement, makes offers and when he accepts reneges. What is he...
  3. C

    Can I re negotiate the terms of a property settlement

    My partner and I who were together for 2 years in a defacto relationship. We purchased a property together, (his deposit was larger then mine 86% to 14%). we reside in Victoria and there are no children. on the 13th April we broke up, on the 16th April i received a letter from his lawyer saying...
  4. meandthekids2019

    QLD property settlement defacto inheritance remainderman

    hi i just wanted some advice. i have lived in a defacto relationship for 10 years. 1 child together. i brought 250k from my property settlement to the relationship, he had no assests but 35k debt. i finacially supported him throughout times where he was unemployed and paid most of the bills...
  5. W

    QLD property settlement - property valuation and asset pool

    Hello Dear forum members I have a question which I disagreed with my lawyer, I will really appreciate some feedback from our forum members. Here is a short background. 6 years of marriage, two young children, 50/50 care. Before I met him, I purchased a property (oversea) for my mom to live...
  6. Steve W

    VIC Not sure what to do.

    I was with my ex-girlfriend for about 8 months. We have a child and share approximately 50% care. I've worked very hard over the last 5 years and tried to save up for a future whilst paying child support. Recently I learned about the Family Law Act. It seems ambiguous and poorly drafted. I've...
  7. K

    Property settlement in separation

    Hi I have a questions regarding property settlement and stamp duty. My soon to be ex husband and I have a townhouse which we purchased only a couple of years ago with a 5% deposit. He is in NZ living with his new partner and kids, he stated after fees etc there would be nothing left after we...
  8. N

    WA De-Facto Property Settlement

    I am the Enduring Power of Attorney for my nephew. I am trying to sort out his property settlement orders through the courts myself and need a bit of advice. The ex has two vehicles that her father gave her but the rego is in his name. She has had both vehicles in her possession for around 4...
  9. Steve W

    property settlement

    please delete
  10. C

    VIC Ex Wife Purchased $70K Car Post Separation, But Pre Property Settlement. How will that be Accounted for?

    We are separated, but living under the same roof while we work out a parenting plan (we have a toddler), property settlement, etc. She'll be moving out soon (to be with the colleague she's been having an affair with) and needs wheels. Yesterday she purchased a used SUV for $70K using funds from...