probation period

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    NSW Illegal Disclosure of Information - Help with Privacy and Reputation Damage?

    Hi, Is there a lawyer in NSW who is experienced in personal breach of privacy matters where reputation damage has been caused? In this instance, the breach relates to illegal disclosure of information about a workers' compensation injury. I incurred a workplace injury at an employer a couple...
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    QLD Unfair Notice Issued by Employer - Discrimination?

    Hi, I have been working for a medium-sized company for the last 8 months. I have passed the probation period and had no issues. I have recently been called into the office with the owner and had points put forward that i have 2 weeks to remedy. I have not yet spoken to Fair Work Australia yet...
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    QLD Non-Solicitation Agreement - Loopholes in Employment Contract?

    Hi, I have been employed for approx. 10 weeks. (still within my 3-month probation period). I signed an agreement at the beginning of my employment stating that I could not own a business or work for another employer within a 5km radius of my current employment for 2 years following the end of...
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    QLD Probation Period for Drugs - Now Charged for Dispose of Tainted Property

    I am on probation with conditions for drugs. It was a 2-year probation period that ends in June and in December, I was placed on the biometric probation reporting kiosk, one report in March then come in to sign off in June. In December, I also sold a phone for my little brother's friend at EB...
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    NSW Charged for Possession of Ice Under Criminal Law - What to Do?

    I was on section ten bond, and I got charged with possession of ice under Criminal Law. I went to court and I was given section 9 with probation period with supervision for a year plus, as well as anger management and education development and family relationship counselling for as long as...
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    NSW Dismissed During Employment Probation Period - Annual Leave Entitlements?

    I was employed full-time on 2 February 2015 and dismissed during my probation period on 16 July 2015. My probation period lasts for 6 months from 2 February 2015. I was not given any notice period or documentation to state that my employment was to finish on the 16 July 2015, only verbally was...