permanent residency

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  1. O

    NSW Proof of permanent resident status

    My husband has recently applied for a job. He came to Australia in 1970 as a minor (16 years old) with his parents under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme (ten pound poms). Since that time he has never left the country and has lived and worked here. His new employer wishes to verify his...
  2. A

    NSW Will Shoplifting Affect My Permanent Residency Application?

    I caught in shoplifting and plead guilty and have to go to court. Will it affect my healthcare service and application of Permanent Residency?
  3. O

    NSW Can Domestic Violence Charge Affect Permanent Residency Renewal?

    I have permanent residency visa since 2012 and I have 2 child in Australia but I’m separated from my wife. I had a girlfriend last year. I got into arguments with my girlfriend and I got a domestic violence common assault. I got a criminal offence because of that but we are still together and...
  4. A

    QLD Applying for PR but have pending case in home country.

    hi everyone, I badly need help. I’m applying for permanent residency. Application was applied 2015 with my ex partner. Sadly our relationship end coz domestic violence. We have one child together and is shared custody. My visa application still in process and now I was asked to pass police check...
  5. Nickstone92

    WA Permanent Residency for People with Criminal Offence?

    Hi All, I've recently been charged with an offence and had my visa cancelled under the surveillance act for recording a private activity in which I'm not a part of. I got onto a bridging visa E so that I can fly back to my home country voluntarily and not be detained or deported. My criminal...
  6. M

    VIC Am I Eligible for Australian Citizenship?

    Hi, I am a permanent resident of Australia and an Indian citizen. I was granted Permanent Residency on 11th NOV 2015. These were the days I was away from Australia in last 4 years: 10-03-15 to 6-5-16 (2 months for vacation to India) 24-02-16 to 3-09-16 (7 months to India - reason is my own...
  7. T

    VIC Cancelling My Wife’s Permanent Residency?

    We got married on 2015, she got her Permanent Residency on February 2018. Now she wants to be separated from me. She has no reason, just simply said she is not happy to being married anymore. Question: How can I withdraw my sponsorship/ or cancel her permanent residency? Is there any law...
  8. P

    VIC Permanent residency in Australia Victoria

    hi everyone, I had applied for my pr in Australia and now I need to send my police report in and I had received it today and it has my no recorded conviction, good behaviour bond on there from 2016. This is my first time in trouble in Australia and I would like to no if it will affect my...
  9. R

    NSW Shoplifting and Permanent Residency issue

    Hi.. Today by mistake my wife forgot to scan few items at checkout and was stopped by security. They called the cops and she had been given a ticket to appear in court. The amount they charged her is $130. However she said she was on phone and her mind was occupied and forgot to scan few items...
  10. H

    QLD False Domestic Violence Claims - Ex Still Onshore After Sponsorship Withdrawal?

    Hi guys, My partner left me (she had 2 kids) on 14/FEB/17. She was on the 820 Partner Visa. She notified immigration (mid-late March) before I withdrew my sponsorship (May/17). I withdrew sponsorship after receiving a letter from the police for an application to the Court (far away in an...