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The New South Wales Ministry of Health, branded NSW Health, is a ministerial department of the New South Wales Government. NSW Health supports the executive and statutory roles of the Minister for Health, the Minister for Medical Research, and the Minister for Mental Health. The Ministry also monitors the performance of state-wide health organisations that collectively make up NSW Health. It is primarily responsible for the public health system in New South Wales, particularly through public hospitals as well as associated agencies and statutory authorities, such as the NSW Ambulance service.
NSW Health has three directions:
Keeping People Healthy: Supporting people to live healthier, more active lives and reducing the burden of chronic disease
Providing World-Class Clinical Care: Providing timely access to safe, quality care in hospitals, Emergency Departments and in the community
Delivering Truly Integrated Care: Creating a connected health system, so that patients get the care they need, where and when they need it, by connecting State health services with other health servicesThe provision or delivery of health services are delegated to sixteen local health districts, who provide services in a wide range of settings, from primary care posts in the remote outback to metropolitan tertiary health centres, including specialist networks that are focused on children's and paediatric services; custodial health and forensic mental health; and associated agencies.
The Ministry is led by its Secretary, Elizabeth Koff. The Secretary reports to the Minister for Health and Medical Research, presently the Honourable Brad Hazzard MP, and the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, presently the Honourable Bronwyn Taylor MLC.

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